Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene

Professional dental cleanings are important for maintaining great oral health. However, it is vital that you continue good dental hygiene at home as well.

Dr. Matos, our esteemed dental expert, emphasizes the significance of a consistent dental hygiene routine that complements your regular professional cleanings. To maintain excellent oral health, we recommend that you diligently brush your teeth at least twice daily and incorporate daily flossing into your routine. This simple yet effective practice serves as your first line of defense against tooth decay, gum disease, and a host of other potential oral health concerns.

Fortify Your Teeth

Beyond brushing and flossing, there are additional measures you can take to fortify your teeth and promote their well-being. Many over-the-counter toothpaste and mouth rinse options contain fluoride, a mineral known for its ability to strengthen tooth enamel and make it more resistant to decay. By incorporating fluoride-based products into your daily regimen, you provide your teeth with an extra layer of protection against the forces of plaque and bacteria.

Limits the consumption of sugary snacks

Diet also plays a substantial role in oral health. Maintaining a balanced diet that limits the consumption of sugary snacks and beverages can significantly contribute to the prevention of dental issues. Sugars are notorious for being a primary fuel source for harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to the formation of cavities and gum disease. By moderating your sugar intake, you help create a less favorable environment for these destructive microorganisms.

Safeguarding your enamel

Moreover, it’s beneficial to drink a glass of water after meals whenever possible. This practice aids in rinsing away residual sugars from foods and beverages, reducing their potential to cling to your teeth and initiate decay. However, if you’ve consumed acidic substances like sodas or candies, it’s advisable to wait for about 30 minutes before brushing. This interval allows your saliva to naturally neutralize the acids, safeguarding your enamel from abrasive brushing immediately after exposure.

Healthy dental hygiene habits can help keep your teeth strong and beautiful. If you have any questions about your current dental routine, please contact us.